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Wooden Blinds

Advantages and Features

At Achtung Blinds you will find some of the best quality wooden blinds available on the market. We offer you the opportunity to add style and improve the aesthetic beauty of your home office, the lounge or any room where elegance, warmth and functionality need to be balanced. The blinds come in a wide range of colours and sizes to fit your particular windows and interior decor requirements. Because they are made from 100% recyclable earth friendly products, you will want people to come and visit just to admire the eco-friendly beautiful blinds.

Where to Use Wooden Blinds

Although they are not particularly well-suited for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, this type of blind can be installed in almost all other rooms in the home. If you have a Cape Dutch styled wooden kitchen then the blinds will also look great there.

Why Wood Blinds?

Although plastic and aluminium blinds are often cheaper, wooden blinds add depth and warmth to a room. If budget is a major concern, we recommend going for another type of blind, since this is the type you simply do not want to compromise on.

Coffee shops, lawyers’ offices, travel companies, and guesthouses are a few among the many different commercial settings where this type can be used. Of course, when it comes to the home, you will want something that can last for a long time, will complement your existing decor or furnishings and provide a classical element to your home – and wooden blinds fit the profile.

When it comes to quality, wood outperforms the cheaper plastic types. It, however, also has some other great advantages. For one, wood has a distinctive character and by choosing these types of blinds, you show that quality is important to you.

The wood is a carbon trap and thus environmentally friendly. In addition, maintenance is generally low, as cleaning is as easy as dusting or wiping off with a slightly damp cloth. This type of blind adds texture to any interior. For the informal areas you can select the bamboo types and for the formal areas go with the French styled horizontal wooden types.

In terms of privacy, wood wins over most other types of materials. It has excellent insulation properties, can be closed partially or completely and provide optimal privacy. When closed completely it is possible to completely block any outside view of the home interior. We offer the 50mm wood type, which is extra strong and known for its superior privacy properties.


The slats are thicker than with other types of blinds, making it easier to clean without causing dents or damage. If you want to get rid of sticky residue we recommend the application of a light detergent suitable for application on wood. Even if the blinds have been installed years ago they will still look new and relevant in ten years.


It is possible to repaint or stain the slats every few years to change the appearance of the slats and this can save you money when it comes to home restoration or changes to the interior. These wooden blinds can also be seen as a fixture and will thus add value to the home, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on selling your home in the future.

View our range of wooden blinds and contact us for an obligatory free quote, measurement assistance and full installation in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

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