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Roman Blinds

When and Why to Install Roman Blinds

Although legend has it that Roman blinds were first used in Rome, it is more probable that the usage originated much later and became popular during the Victorian reign. In effect, it is nothing other than an elegant fabric style window covering that can be rolled down or up through the pulling of a chord attached to the top.

Various styles are available, ranging from the looped to the more flat surfaced shade. Because the blinds can be made from a large range of fabrics, we get an array of classical to exceptionally modern styles fit for contemporary interiors. People most often install Roman blinds when they want to create a softer look as opposed to the modern aluminium horizontal or the fabric vertical blinds. Indeed, this type of shade can have a distinctly feminine feel to it which also explains its popularity for usage in the main bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, often seen as the selling points by real estate agents. That being said, masculine styling is also possible which enables the usage thereof in bachelor pads or studio apartments.

Irrespective of where the shades are used, Roman blinds add a unique touch of elegance to a room. Aesthetic appeal, however, is not the only reason for its popularity. The thick fabric serves to insulate the room in much the same way as a conventional curtain, but because of the top-to-bottom pull-down hanging style it gives a uniqueness to a room.

Two Main Styles

The two main styles are the classic and the blackout types. With the classic shade, the blinds have a vogue feeling, but are also practical. Fabric choices in this style range from twill to poly-cotton for the feeling of opulence, as well as many other types.

The blackout style is well-suited for usage in bedroom settings, especially the main bedroom or the guestroom. If you want to block-out sunrays then this is the blind of choice. It is often used where people take afternoon naps or where one attempts to darken the room enough to see on a television or computer screen. Because of the complete blocking of sunrays, it is the ideal style to select if you want to protect furniture or even books from getting sun damaged.

Choosing the Shade for Effect Rather than Practicality

Some interior designers prefer using Roman blinds more for effect than functionality. They choose the blinds for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom as opposed to the television or main bedroom to create a focal point that can bring the decor together.

Advantages of Roman Blinds

The shades have all the advantages of conventional blinds including the creation of private spaces, the ability to block out sunrays, protection of the furnishings against sun damage and aesthetic appeal. In addition, the operation is hassle-free and with the shades made mostly from washable fabric, they can be kept clean without having to go through a lengthy process. In most instances, you simply need to dust the shades daily and when cleaning, you can leave them attached by using a suction vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head. The best cleaners are the ones using steam or water suction.

Affordable luxury and flexibility in style are among the other reasons for installing this type of shading. View our full range of Roman blinds and contact us for a quote or to assist you in selecting the most suitable type of blinds. We operate in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area and do free house-calls for measurements.

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