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Types of Blinds and their Applications in Pretoria

As a trusted supplier of a wide range of blinds in Pretoria, our consultants provide objective advice regarding the most appropriate blinds for the specific areas of installation and the style of the interior. Our clients range from medical practitioners to retailers, homeowners, corporate office parks, lawyers and more. We understand the subtle differences between commercial settings and domestic residents. You can therefore rely on us to help you make the right choice rather than convincing you to purchase a specific type of window covering.

The various types of blinds available from our offices in Pretoria are briefly discussed below to give you an indication of which ones are most suitable for particular settings.


If you want to install blinds in a moisture rich area such as the bathroom, we recommend that you stay clear from wooden styles. The wooden Venetian blinds are more likely to absorb the moisture and become distorted in shape even though bamboo has a relative high tolerance for such environments. However, the best type for a bathroom is one that can withstand the moisture and for such we recommend the Faux or aluminium types. These types will block out the sun effectively and can be opened as little or as much as you want for optimal airflow and privacy protection. Venetian blinds are well-suited for the kitchen area, study and office.

Roller Blinds

Perhaps one of the best types of blinds to ensure optimal privacy, the roller types can help to block out bright light and give the privacy you need in the bathroom. Various fabrics and materials can be used for this type of blind and it has the benefit of easy retraction and closure. These blinds can also be used in rooms where you want to block out sunlight during specific parts of the day.

Vertical Blinds

Although it is an unusual choice for the bathroom, the vertical types are stylish, provide excellent light and air-flow control and the blades open and close easily. However, most of the vertical types are made from fabric and if there is not enough air-flow such materials can become mouldy over time. The vertical blinds fit well in the lounge and communal areas of the home. These blinds are also becoming increasingly popular for application in the bedrooms.

Roman Blinds

The Roman blinds are stylish, in one piece, retract easily and provide optimal privacy. However, when rolled down such blinds also do not allow sunlight in and if the bathroom is already dark, you will need to switch on the light for better sight in the bathroom space. Roman blinds are made from a wide range of fabrics and it is best to select a fabric that can withstand the high moisture content of the bathroom. The Roman style is well-suited for ambience enhancement and can be effective in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Panel Blinds

The panel blinds are better suited for creating ambience or dividing two adjacent rooms than for bathroom application.

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