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Bamboo Blinds

The Benefits and Maintenance of Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are fast becoming popular as window coverings for several reasons of which one is the eco-friendly nature of the plant. As a fast grower, it is possible to replace harvested bamboo quickly. Though it looks like a tree, it is indeed a grass, which makes it such a fast grower. Instead of cutting down trees, we can thus use bamboo.

A second reason for its popularity is durability. The material can withstand sunrays and various weather conditions. It is a pretty good protector of the interior against damage from sunrays. With its excellent insulation properties, bamboo can be used to reduce heat loss in the home and can keep the cold from entering in the winter.

The normal benefits of blinds also apply including easy to maintain and clean. With bamboo, dust and debris can be removed through a simple wipe action or dusting. Only if mildew or mould has formed because of dampness in a room, will you need to wash the blinds.

Blinds provide you a means to get optimal privacy without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal and light penetration. Easy to operate, blinds are also more convenient than normal curtains.

Caring for Bamboo Blinds

Maintaining the beauty of the bamboo slats is as easy as dusting the slats daily to remove any debris and dirt between the slats. You can put a sheet of plastic below the blinds before dusting to catch any dirt for easy removal. A soft cloth can be used instead of the duster.

Vacuum clean the slats once a month, but attach the soft brush attachment to prevent marks from coming onto the bamboo. This will help to remove cobwebs and dirt. As alternative, use a slightly damp cloth to clean both sides of the blinds.

You can wash the blinds, but only if the blinds have not been cleaned for a long time. Fill a bath tub with water and throw the blinds in. Only fill the tub with enough water to cover the blinds. Use a natural soap or manufacturer recommended detergent. Keep it to a minimum though. Washing may be necessary if the bamboo has been affected by mildew or fungi. This can be the case when you live in a highly humid area or if there are mould problems in your home. Soak the blinds for a few minutes to dislodge stubborn dirt and grime. Wipe the slats clean with a soft cloth and then remove the blinds from the water. Rinse in clean water and then place the blinds in a clean and dry, well-ventilated area to dry. Do this on a sunny day as a bit of sunlight will help to dry the bamboo quickly.

Where to Get Bamboo Blinds

If you stay in Pretoria or Johannesburg you will be glad to know that Achtung Blinds not only offers an extensive range blinds in all sizes and materials, but also offers installation services, free home visits for measurements and fittings and excellent after sales service. Our consultants will assist you in selecting the right size and type to fit your particular requirements. Contact us for more information and obligatory free quotes.


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