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Benefits of Aluminium Horizontal Window Blinds

Horizontal aluminium window blinds hold several advantages over normal fabric drapes, some of which are briefly discussed below.


Whereas normal fabric drapes are often breeding places for mite and insects, aluminium is easy to clean, doesn’t contain any hiding spaces and is also more hygienic. If you’re concerned about dust related allergies, then aluminium window blinds should be your first choice.


With aluminium being rust resistant and thus able to withstand harsh weather elements, the material is perfectly suited for window coverings.  Not having to replace the blinds every two or three years and still have them look stunning will help you save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Easy to Repair

If for some reason, the blinds are damaged, you’ll be glad to know that they’re easy to repair. When it thus comes to long-term durability, maintenance and appeal, aluminium wins hands down.

Energy Efficient

The aluminium effectively blocks out harmful sun rays that can damage furniture and thus contributes to the longevity of the furnishings in your home or office. With the metal being able to deflect the sun rays, the room temperature can be controlled ensuring a cooler living space during the hot summer months. Fabric drapes often fade because of sun rays and are not as effective as aluminium in blocking rays from heating up a room.

Custom Fit

We can custom size the blinds to fit your windows perfectly, ensuring a neat and professional appearance. Normal drapes are often too long or wide and may even appear tacky.


If you want privacy and the ability to partially open the slats for light penetration or for a view of your outdoor surroundings, we recommend the lightweight aluminium horizontal blinds. Not only will the blinds help you get maximum privacy when rolled down and completely shut, but can also allow for light penetration and setting of the slats to prevent viewing from outside into the interior area.

Colour and Style Options

With advances in technology, it’s now possible to offer you a wide range of styles and colours ensuring that you’ll be able to fit blinds that suit your interior space and decor budget.


Horizontal blinds can be completely rolled up for complete opening of the covered space or partially rolled up. Some of the blinds such as the aluminium types also include slat position changing. This type of flexibility is important as it allows for optimal light penetration control, insulation management, and for privacy settings.

Easy to Install

The blinds are furthermore easy to install and dismantle should you wish to take them with to your new home.

When it comes to window coverings, we recommend the aluminium horizontal types if you work within a strict budget, want a modern look and feel, and maximum light control. These blinds are also a good choice if you want coverings that are neat, hygienic and easy to clean as well as durable.

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