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Popularity of Bamboo Blinds in Pretoria Residential Homes

Bamboo blinds have become increasingly popular among Pretoria homeowners and for good reason. The plant grows fast, which also means that the bamboo can be harvested without depleting existing plantations and forests. This in turn is of course also good for the ozone layer because the plant grows back quickly, making it possible to harvest it every three to five years.

With the plant being exceptionally strong while also being lightweight, it’s the ideal material for window covers. The light weight of the material ensures that the blinds can be installed without fear of putting additional strain on the window supporting beams. With it also being a rather durable material, it can be fitted in areas of high usage since it can withstand daily traffic, sunlight and normal wear and tear better than most other natural materials.

The Asian homes often feature bamboo furnishings and blinds because many of their cultures believe the plant is a bringer of positive energy. Pretoria homeowners love the material more for its practicality, affordability and of course, the way that light is filtered allowing just enough brightness to create a romantic atmosphere while keeping harmful rays and excessive heat out. The opaque shape of the blinds allows for more privacy and effectively blocks activities indoor from being viewed outside the home.

Aesthetic Appeal

You can install the blinds for the purpose of creating a tropical ambiance or because of its natural appearance, which adds a warm and welcoming mood. Bamboo has a rather unique appearance, giving the interior that something special often lacking when using other materials as window coverings. Various colours are available, but the natural look and feel is the most popular.


Though the plant is considered a grass type, you shouldn’t be fooled by its delicate appearance. As mentioned earlier, it’s exceptionally strong and able to withstand the harsh weather elements of South Africa. One of the benefits not to be overlooked is it’s resistance to fading because of exposure to sun rays. With such, the blinds will look spectacular for years to come.


Bamboo blinds are popular also for their insulating properties. As mentioned earlier, the material keeps excessive heat out. With the ability to improve indoor temperature control through passive means, you can save on electricity associated with cooling and heating of the interior space. Pretoria is known for its warm climate during the summer months and with such window coverings you can create a cooler indoor living space.

Enjoy the View

Though the view from outside is effectively blocked, you can still enjoy a view from inside. This means privacy is never compromised for the sake of a view. In this sense it certainly outperforms normal drapes which need to be opened for a view of exterior surroundings.

Low on Maintenance and Cleaning

Easily clean the slats through wiping without having to use harsh detergents. With this, you have the benefit of a hygienic environment and thus lower risk of allergies.

Achtung Blinds offers you an extensive range of products including the ever so popular bamboo blinds. View pictures of the products online and place your order today or contact us to assist in determining the right size for your windows.

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