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Affordable Blinds

The Range of Affordable Blinds Available in Gauteng

Looking for affordable blinds for your home or office? Look no further than Achtung Blinds in Gauteng. We have an extensive range of products to suit your particular requirements.

Bamboo Horizontal Slats

Bamboo gives a natural feeling to any room and because the plant grows exceptionally fast, it’s possible to harvest it every three to five years. As such, it’s an ecological friendly type blind, helping you to reduce your environmental footprint. With the horizontal slats, you gain more privacy without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal, air-flow and light penetration. Though adequate light penetration is gained, the bamboo also forms an effective barrier against harmful sun rays which could fade and damage furniture.

Bamboo furthermore has the benefit of being lightweight, durable and easy to keep clean. In addition, it won’t fade and is strong enough to handle daily usage. It’s well-suited for cabins, holiday homes and any interior with a natural focus.

Aluminium Horizontal Slats

Aluminium is one of the most common metals in the world. With the resource being in abundance, you will benefit from the low price of aluminium blinds. ┬áThe metal is exceptionally strong, rust resistant and won’t fade in sunlight. It’s also an effective sun ray barrier for protection of the interior and furniture. With retractable slats and the extra functionality of complete roll-up, you furthermore benefit from flexibility in usage. Optimal privacy can be achieved when the slats are closed and the blinds rolled down. Easy to maintain, hygienic and attractive, aluminium is also affordable and suitable for any contemporary setting.

Roman Horizontal

If you’re looking for a window covering that will create a soft and romantic atmosphere, we suggest the Roman blinds. Various styles, fabrics and colours are available. With this type of window covering you can transform any room into a stylish interior setting. Inspired by the Romans of old, the modern Roman blinds are still just as strong, washable and perfect for ambience creation. These types of blinds can be used to divide two adjacent rooms by covering the window in between. Best used for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and lounge settings, the blinds can be utilised to completely black out any light or partially when slightly retracted. The Roman blinds are lined for the protection against fading. If you’re looking for affordable opulence, then this is the style to select.

Panel Blinds

For the rooms where elegance is more important than complete blocking out of light, we recommend the panel blinds. Not only is this style one of the most opulent of all, but it’s also widely used for room dividing and for ambience enhancement. The panels can come in slide or roll-up styles and you have a choice of fabrics. Because of their much wider slats, you get a unique effect not possible with other blinds. The panels can be used for partial or complete blocking of sun rays and thus help to cool down the interior.

Vertical Blinds

The vertical style is well-suited for studies, lounge areas, offices, medical suites, and training rooms. Vertical blinds are easy to maintain, look great for years and are widely accepted as attractive, affordable and durable alternatives to normal drapes. Real estate agents consider the addition of vertical blinds to a home as an investment that will later pay-off through a higher selling price for a house.

View our full range of affordable blinds and contact us for custom solutions and obligatory free quotes.

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