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Vertical Blinds

Advantages of Vertical Blinds for the Modern Home and Office

Long gone are the days of heavy drapes and difficult to manage light streaming. Modern homes and offices feature a stunning array of vertical, Venetian, Roman and motorised blinds. For some, the idea of a vertical window shade may still seem too corporate, but considering how many fabrics and styles are available today, you’ll agree that verticals undeniably offer some benefits which shouldn’t be ignored:

  • Easy to clean and maintain – can wipe, vacuum and dry clean.
  • Once installed, stay neat for years to come and are thus durable.
  • Fit an extensive range of settings including residential, office, retail, medical, school, and consultation rooms.
  • Add a clean and linear style to large windows and slide doors.
  • Provide for optimal light and airflow control.
  • Ensure maximum privacy when needed.
  • Energy efficient and thus help to reduce heat loss in a building and can be used to maximise the cooling effect – thus passive usage of solar power for heating and cooling.
  • Come in motorized options for best possible convenience.
  • Cost-effective since installation is straightforward.
  • Protect furniture against harmful sun rays and thus prolong the aesthetic appeal of furnishings.
  • Protect the skin against overexposure to UV because the UV rays can be blocked.
  • Effective means to block-out light completely for anti-glare purposes in offices, homes, and home cinemas.
  • Ideal way to ensure privacy as retraction and closure can be controlled with ease.
  • Act as partial sound buffer which can be helpful in offices, medical settings, and even homes on busy streets.
  • Can be used to cover two adjacent rooms separated by windows and thus act as partial room dividers.
  • Boast aesthetic appeal and are trendy.

With contemporary and future interior designs focussing on simplified and cleaner appearance, it is time to bring your home or office into the 21st century’s décor style.

How to Choose a Style that Suits Your Requirements

The fabric selected will determine the amount of privacy you enjoy. Here it is important to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and the need for privacy. For some rooms, you may not even be bothered about privacy and then have a free hand when it comes to fabric choice. Of course, your personal preferences, the furniture colour arrangement and whether you have children or animals will determine the colour.

Note that darker colours will work better if you want to use the blinds for blocking out light and lighter colours will work well when you want to create a feeling of spaciousness. This is where our expert guidance will come in handy. Our consultants are here to assist you in selecting the window shades and covers that will fit your lifestyle, budget and interior decor requirements.

If you’re concerned about safety because of hanging cords, we suggest opting for motorised types. Our consultants will discuss the various retraction options with you. Motorised is also well-suited for hospitals and lecture rooms, where long windows need to be covered and where you‘ll want extra convenience.

The material you select will depend on the ambiance you want to create. Once again, you’ll appreciate our expertise in this regard. Our services include:

  • Provision of made-to-measure blinds.
  • High quality installations.
  • Free home visits.
  • Consultation services.
  • Expert assistance.
  • Superb after-care service.

Contact us today to help you create stunning interior spaces that meet your requirements for privacy, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, convenience, and functionality.

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