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Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds – the Modern Choice for Elegant Window Covering

As the result of their slats, which are wider than that of other types of blinds, the panel blinds are often used specifically for aesthetic appeal. The multifunctional character of the blinds allow for their usage as window coverings, decorative panels and as room dividers.

The slats have an unmistaken artistic character which makes them rather unique. They can be used in small and large spaces with equal flair and because of their many benefits, are now becoming a popular window covering choice for home owners.

Flexible Applications

Whether you have a small window or a large area to cover, you’ll find that the various sizes available and ease of operation irrespective of size make these types of window coverings ideal for modern and elegant settings.

Easily Adjustable Light Settings

One of the main benefits of using this type of blind is the ease with which you can adjust the amount of light streaming into the room.

Easy to Store

Want a change? Need to install a different colour for a few months? It’s easy when you work with panel blinds. The units can be folded and stored away without taking up a lot of space.


The panel system is a modern technique for getting privacy without the need for curtain usage. Because of their lightweight and neat appearance the panels are used in commercial and residential applications for complete or partial blocking out of light. In addition, when rolled down, complete privacy can be attained.

Neat Retraction

A stack retraction method allows for optimal neatness and thus a more sophisticated look. With a variety of fabrics available, you can choose how much light to allow through and thus create the ambiance you desire.

Use with Other Blinds

You can install both Roman and Roller blinds together with Panel blinds in the same interior space without detracting from the coherent aesthetic appeal. With this type of blind, you’re creativity go as far as you’ll allow it.

Protect Against UV

Furniture and the sun don’t go together. The more exposure to harmful UV rays, the quicker the fabric on furniture discolours or fades. To prolong furnishings you need ray filtering and with the aesthetically appealing panels, this is a breeze.

Easy to Operate

The track system allows for easy retraction and thus prevents situations where panels can get locked in or damaged because of incorrect retraction methods.


If you want, you can also add a pelmet to give more elegance to the complete window covering.

Why buy from Achtung Blinds?

Now that you know why investing in panel blinds is a good idea, you can simply contact us for expert guidance regarding size, colour, fabric and traction system. Apart from the panel types, we also offer horizontal, Roman, bamboo, vertical, and motorised blinds. As such, you can be assured that we’ll have a blind type that will suit your needs and budget. Our services include free home visits, professional installation, consultation, guidance and after sales care. Contact us for affordable and stylish window coverings.

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